Why choose River Soar Records?

There are other ways to buy records but:

  1. We offer several payment options. Credit card, PayPal and Google pay.
  2. Live locally? We offer free to inexpensive delivery and you may get the record on the same day.
  3. We use premium, custom record mailers. No oversized boxes or shipping labels directly on the shrink wrap. We were collectors before we got into this business, so we know your pain.
  4. We have shipped records all over the world and know the couriers to trust.
  5. We "undergrade" our used records. This is one of the reasons why many of our customers keep coming back for more. We'd rather make a pound/dollar less per record and have happy customers than creating a money-grab and keeping our fingers crossed customers are not going to complain about the quality of the records.
  6. We have a loyalty programme that rewards you for every item you pay. Meaning you always get a discount on your next purchase. 
  7. We buy your unwanted records and even pay you for referring us to friends who are selling their records.  
  8. We also pay you for referring friends to the store.
  9. We offer a vinyl detective service, not just for high value items but anything. Just send a request and we'll get back to you. (Joe Dolce anyone?)
  10. We are a local business for our local community and our aim is to support and promote the local music scene through all this so we can get back to a proper normal at least in the music scene sense.

So please spread the word and if there is anything you think we can improve on just get in touch here.